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Hydro Excavation / Excavating

We provide our clients with the highest level of Hydro Excavation and Industrial Vacuum Services. We are willing to travel anywhere in Iowa and the Midwest for Hydro Excavating and Industrial Vacuum service.

Hydro Excavation utilizes high pressure water and large vacuum trucks in order to remove debris and/or dirt without damaging utilities or any unknown obstacles. Hydrovac allows us to uncover the unknown underground without the risk of digging or trenching. We are trained experts on effectively and efficiently digging with water and air vacuum.

With multiple trucks and high pressure water machines we are able to dig in emergency cases as well as large jobs that need to maintain a strict schedule. From the time we arrive on the job to the time we leave, we work safe and hard. A lot of companies with take advantage of large clients in order to increase the bill. We know the importance of keeping industrial plants up and running. With our knowledge and service we promise to do our best every minute we are on your property.

We track each job we do so we know exactly how long it takes to hydro excavate or hydro vac the area. Whether it is hard packed concrete like rock or soft grassy dirt, we know how fast and efficient we are so you won't receive inaccurate bids and quotes.

Example Clients and Services

  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Animal Development Labs
  • Ethanol Plants
  • City Sewers
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Cable and Phone Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Electrical Companies
  • Federal and State Agencies

Why use Hydro Excavation and Vacuum Truck Services?

  • Maintain service, avoid costly shutdowns or interuptions.
  • No risk of cutting dangerous or expensive utilities and fiberoptics
  • Eliminate costly damages and repairs
  • Allows client to see current condition of broken pipes without further damaging them
  • Reveal anything underground without any risk

Call us anytime and we will be there before the competition. When you call you talk to the owner, Al Price.
Our phone number is (515) 570-6101.

With our tracking we were able to build a computer based calculator to provide the fastest and most accurage quotes and bids to our clients. If you have a job that you would like quoted call us with the details and we will get you a quote the same day.